Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  I don’t have a family doctor, are you accepting new patients?


A:  Unfortunately we are not accepting patients at this time, with the exception of pregnant women needing maternity care.


Q:  Why do I need an appointment to renew my medication? Can’t I just have my pharmacy fax a refill request?


A:  Our policy has always been that patients require an appointment for medication renewals. It is important that medications be reviewed and monitored on a regular basis. Please allow plenty of time before you run out (we recommend at least 10 days), as we do not fit in prescriptions renewals last minute.


Q: Do I need an appointment to get blood work done with a nurse?


A:  Not always, but we encourage you to schedule your lab work a few days in advance when possible. Previously we offered walk-in lab services, but several of our local labs have shut down or been chronically understaffed since Covid. As a result, our nurses are busier than ever with blood draws and can’t always fit in same-day appointments. Now you are able to book simple blood work or injections online, but if you can’t find a suitable time, Comox Valley hospital allows you to schedule same-day and check in remotely. More information can be found under ‘Patient Resources’. 


Q: Do you have Rapid Access/ Same Day appointments?


A:  Yes! We reserve a few appointments each day for urgent concerns. Please phone as early in the day as you can – these appointments don’t last long! Please note that these appointments are NOT for routine concerns.


Q:  Why are appointments only 10 minutes long? I need more time!


A:  In BC, the standard family doctor visit is 10 minutes long. This is enough time to address one concern thoroughly. If you need a longer appointment for more complex concerns, please speak to one of our receptionists. Please note that MSP no longer pays for yearly physicals for healthy adults. Your doctor will let you know if you need to have a physical.


Q:  What is a locum?


A:  A locum is a fully trained medical doctor who is not tied to one specific clinic and therefore does not have their own patient panel. Locums fill in for our doctors when they are away to ensure patients continue receiving the best care.


Q:  Why do I have to pay for forms filled out by my doctor?


A: Many forms (and some medical services) are NOT covered by MSP. That means the doctor is not paid for time spent reviewing and completing forms. In these cases, patients are asked to pay a fee that is based on the Doctors of BC fee guide for uninsured services. This fee guide can be found online, or provided by our office.